Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Older

I just had my 33rd Birthday Friday. I don't feel like I am getting older. I don't feel like I look alot older. BUT.... there are some changes occuring that I don't feel like have control over!!! First, my BODY!!! What is up with my body. It isn't doing anything I want it to do. I have always enjoyed workingout and staying in shape, but It doesn't seem like it helps as much as it used to.. My "ham-hocks" are determined to have a mind of there own and they have decided they are never going away!! Why do women have to battle the buldge so much. It is an exhausting game and never seems to end or get easier. So for now I will keep drinking my protien shakes,eating almonds, and running through neighborhoods for exersize (cause I am too cheap to go to the gym these days). Kind of boring i know. It not about variety, it's about lookin good in the mirror. Right??
Second, my kids. Are they getting bigger and I am staying the same. I sure hope O haven't changed as dramatically as they have over the past few years. Hannah is as tall as me. She can out smart me in a debate, and look so cute I am scared to send her out in the world. Carson will always be my little man. HE thinks I am wonderful 24-7. I think the Lord blessed me with him- to help me remember I am of worth. He makes me feel loved and adored. My sweet Carson!! It has been a gift to be a mom, now that I am thinking about it. Ella and Macie are still so sweet and loving. Definately not as sassy as their older sis.
Security and financial wellness. Does anyone have this right now?? I wonder... Jeff has a great job right now. They love him at work and he is valuable to them. The auto industry is so fickle right now. They just cut down over time which stinks cause that means less in our checks. We are just glad to have a job, but everything seems tight. Tight and uncertian.. Groceries are out of control expensive, co-pays are higher, water and electricity are going up. Sometimes even a good job isn't enough these days.
These are just my 33rd birthday thoughts. Just typing out loud. We will see what differs next year. This year I am just happy with my little family here in Alabama with nice house and good job. This moment is good. I am going to live it for all it's worth!!!!

Finally some Halloween Pictures!!

Our Halloween was full of school parties, church trick-or-trunks, and neighborhood jumping for candy!! We had a great Halloween.Ella dressed up as a SPA GIRL. She looked cute. She had her rode and slippers and her hair up in a towel with a facial mask cream on. She got a lot of fun comments.

Carson was a knight. HE didn't like his costume very much and kept taking it off. He also dressed up as a NINJA for Halloween night. That was a lot more comfy.

Macie wanted to be a dead witch. I don't know why . She kept getting her face paint on her hands and wiping it on her costume. By the end of the night she was a total mess, but still a cutie!

Hannah was a she-DEVIL. That's all I have to say. No, she is sweet. Just a little feisty sometimes. Too much fun. Way too much candy!!! That's what Halloween is all about right??? Thank goodness it's over. Now we just have to get Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way. We are looking forward to the holidays. My problem is that my kids don't need a bit of anything for Christmas. I don't know what to do for them....... any creative ideas, let me know???

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