Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Macie's Birthday and a BIG Surprise

September 24th was Macie's birthday. She is 6 years old already. She is truly my sweet little lady! SHe woke up today so excited about her special day. When she got home from school Jeff had her a special surprise..... A new kitty. She has been wanting one for so long and the answer was always NO!!! What changed you ask??? Well, our new house is surrounded by Kudzu (a very irritating, fast growing, climbs up everything plant). When Jeff was mowing it down in our yard I saw several mice run off. Now, if there mice there are snakes and who knows what else. Yikes!!! The pest control man said that we need to get an outdoor kitty to keep the rodents away. He said it works great and is safer than chemicals or poisons. SO.. now we have a cute orange kitty. Macie is in love. Hannah thinks she is the boss of it and Ella just cries nonstop because she wants a kitty too. SO meet the newest member if the Parrott Family.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where have we been!!!!

We have been everywhere this summer. In June we moved to Millbrook, Alabama. Jeff got a new job as Assn't Manager at Hyundia. It is a great job! He really likes it. Hopefully we will be here a bit longer than we were in Texas. We realllly miss Texas( at lest us girls do). We also miss all of our Texas friends. Even though we were only there for a year; we made soooo many fun and memorable friends!!!!
Well, this is where our journey began.
We moved into a small apartment in June while we looked for a house to rent. The girls went to Kentucky in July and spent almost a month with their grandparents, Roy and Gracie. What a help that was!! I went back to Texas to get us moved and rent out the house. After leaving Texas we met the movers in Alabama in our new rental. I spent the rest of the week unpacking as fast as I could cause I had to leave to catch a flight out of Lexington, ky to go to Idaho and see Sophie be born!! That was the most amazing thing ever!!!! I will never forget Seeing Sophie take her first breath! AWESOME!! I have had 4 kids but never have seen a birth up close and personal. Thanks Callie for sharing it with me!. After our Boise trip I came back to Ky to get the girls. We drove back to Alabama and started school 3 days later!
We just bought a new house! It is beautiful. I found a foreclosure on my daily listing e-mail, so my realtor and I went to check it out and made an offer that night. We weren't planning on moving so soon. I DREAD packing and moving again so SOON!!!!! This better be the last time!
The kids also have to change schools again- they aren't too happy.
So this is where we are at. I'll keep you all better posted from now on.

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