Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bedroom MAKEOVER'S!!!

I know it's been FOREVER since I have blogged anything.... I have been seeking some inspiration to motivate me. I have found a few new projects that I am excited about and seem to be getting quite obsessed with.. I have not done any major painting since we left KY and I did so much there that i have been burnt out for 2 years- at least that is my excuse. Well now I am ready. I am finally ready to do some fun and sassy room makovers!!!!
Hannah is wanting her room Zebra print with pink accents. I have been looking online at all sorts of ideas. Some things are way way to wild, or bright, or just plain tacky. I did find a few sight that had some neat ideas though. Check these out and let me know what you think.

Ella and Macie are sharing a room again. We tried giving them their own rooms but it just didn't work. They ended sleeping together everynight- so rather that fight it we just moved them back in together. They want their room pink and green. Something like this.

Carson is still loving automobiles, planes, trains, and monster trucks in particular. So we are staying with his car theme. Found some cool pics of a brick wall with graffiti that I really like. Only problem is that I don't know how to write graffiti.... Maybe I will have to practice.

I will post some before and after pics to let you know how I am progressing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If you have seen anything at stores that you think might add some pizzaz to my room ideas let me know.
I am also going to try my hand at tiling. I am going to tile my kitchen backsplash. I am a little overwheled though....":}{+>?">..;. My brain is spinning with all the tiles to pick from at the store. It seems that the biggest part of tiling is deciding on a pattern to do. I could also use some creative brainstorming ideas on tile patterns. If you have tile in your kitchen let me know what it looks like. I am still in the brainstorming phase of this project. Maybe I just need to corner a Lowes employee and make him help me till we have a pattern decided on. That is what I will do!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Mrs. Scribbles Blog!!

I am so excited! I am starting a new blog to display my Vinyl creations. I will be posting pictures of what I have available for sale. I can do custom orders; so if you don't see what you want just e-mail me and we can create it! My prices are very competitive- ok I'll sat it- I'm Cheap, cheap, cheap! In todays world we don't have enough extra money to splurge too much on the things we want, so this is my solution. Check out my site and see what good deals I have for you!!! I have everything from school supplies with a personal touch to car decal or wall decor. You name it, you can put vinyl on it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ella's Baptism day!

Today was such a great day. Ella had her baptism today. It was so special. Cousin Terah came and visit gave a sweet talk on Baptism. Hannah and MAcie sang a beautiful song and Hannah spoke on Comformation. Jeff did a great job on the baptism and conformation. All of Ella's new friends stayed to support her. SHeis growing up so fast. My sweet little Elle Belle. We love you so much. We are also so proud of you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Detox is Over....PARTY!!!!!!

I finished my 10 day detox. Thank Heavens!!!! It wasn't so bad, and I actually learned alot about my eating habit. I think I lost about 10-12 lbs. I am not sure because I didn't measure or weigh beforehand. Jeff and HAnnah both notice a big difference. I just figured better start now or I will never do it. All I know is my jeans are mush looser and my belly roll isn't hanging over my pants anymore!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! NO more Belly roll!!! I am totally increasing my fiber everyday and really limiting my dairy and sugar. I feel so much better without those two things. Now lets just hope I can keep it off. It is kind of crazy how you don't crave sugar if haven't had it in a while. I still like my sweet treat after dinner, but I just chew gum instead. It's all psychological for me I guess. I don't know if I will do it again, but it was nice to try. It is hard cooking for my family and for me at the same time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Detox???? What the heck????

I have decided I am going to start the new year off doing a detox. I am now 5 days into it. I really didn't know much about a detox or cleanse. This will be my first time to try this type of thing. WHy? you ask. Well, I heard they are very beneficial to your overall health. It can help jumpstart your metabolism, help eliminate yucky toxins from your insides- which help you feel better, and loose some weight. The key to this detox thing is the food you eat. you have to drink 8 glasses of lemon water or tea a day. YOu can only eat foods that are RAW. That means fruits, vegies, and grains that don't have anything added to them. I can add lemon juice, herbs, vinegar and olive oil(very sparingly). These 5 days I have really been sticking with it and staying focused. I always thought I ate pretty healthy. This compared to what I eat now, I ate horrible. I definately feel like I have gone back to basics. I ate a cucumber the other day and it tasted so good. It didn't have anything on it- no dressing, vinegar or salt to spice it up. I am really noticing how yummy food tastes without all the "stuff" on it. An if anyone know me- I like "STUFF". The more yummy stuff on my food the better. It has been kind of nice to taste food by itself and not mixed with a ton of other flavors.
I will admit I have been craving sweets and treats and yummy dinners that I cook for my family every night. I makes my mouth water to smell pizza, popcorn, and roast cooking and I can't have any. But this detox only mast of 10 day. I am half way there. Then I go back to eating what I love. EVERYTHING! Just kidding. I am hoping by doing this I can keep up some of these good eating habits. Keep the fiber food high on my menu each day and lots & lots of water.
If any one has any words of advice or encouragement let me know. So far no one I have talked to has done a detox.
So far so good. 5 days down and 5 to go. I'll keep you all posted.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funnest Christmas Ever!!

We had a great Christmas! It was a little crazy but we had a good time. We started out our journey in Lexington to spend time with Jeff's mom, dad, and sister. We always have a wonderful time there. We never have quite enough time to see everyone we would like to see. But, we did have time to play with a couple friends, eat a lot of good food, open a lot of presents, and be really lazy!!! Lexington still feels like home to us.

The girls were so excited to see their BFF's. I was too. It is hard to find friends, that no matter how far apart you live, are always there for you. We love you-- the Wilson and White family. You will aways be apart of our family and our hearts. The girls played like they had never been seperated. they had so much fun. Me and my peeps chit chatted like we had never been apart either. That is such a nice feeling.

After our Kentucky adventure we drove a little further north to see my little bro Abe, in Cleveland. We were hoping to see tons of fluffy white snow. The kids broght their gloves, hats, and scarves- totally prepared for a wintery downfall. But NOPE!!! Cleveland let us down in the snow category. It was alright though we still had a great time. My mom and dad where there visiting also and that was the greatest!! My kids had all their attention. We opened presents, the kids played like crazy with Olivia-thier cousin, ate out, went to a tons of great thrift stores (love em), played the whole day at the zoo and enjoyed being together. I didn't get to go to Cheesecake Factory which I was sad about. We decided we would split up and some of us go to the zoo and dad and Jeff went to a bunch of music stores. Then we were going to meet at my favorite resturant. Well plans did not work out the way they were supposed to. Jeff and dad could not get the GPS to find the right streets, so they got lost and we had to go find them. We ate at Golden Coral instead. Definately not equal to the Cheesecake Factory but I was starving!!!
We had a long drive home but a ton of fun memories to think about on our way home.
we also had a little snowfall the day we left so the kids got to play in snow after all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going Vinyl CRAZY and a few other things!!!!

I know, I've been missing in action for a few weeks now. What may you ask has been so time consuming that I haven't had time to update my blog. Well, I have one word for you.... VINYL.
I have been busy learning to use my new vinyl machine. I have been having such a great time hanging signs all over my house, doors, mirrors, and car, that I have been completely neglecting everyone and everything. It is ok with me but my family is getting a little irritated and if any of you know my hubby he is one high maintenance man (he has needs). Jeff thinks I have become obsessed but it isn't true; I am just excited to play with my new toy. I don't think it is too much to have vinyl in every room of the house.... I may be going over board, but I can take it off any time. I have been making Christmas presents for friends and family and having so much fun! My garage looks like a tornado hit. I hate having to clean up everytime I sand something. What a hasssle. I keep telling Jeff it is his job to keep the garage clean. That man doesn't listen to me very well. It is still a disaster. Now I am bribbing my kids to help me clean it. Money always motivates.
I will be adding products to my blog as I make things, so if anyone wants anything just e-mail me and let me know. I will start doing this after the holidays.
Some other things that have been going on around our house... Jeff just had a heart cath done a few days ago. He's been having some wierd things happening lately and went in to get looked at and they said his triglycerides were way high, blood prussure was too high, was having trouble breathing, sleeping even more than usual, and feeling dizzy and faint. He did a stress test that came back bad so the doc wanted to do a heart cath to make sure there was no blockage to his heart. After the surgery, the doc said everything looked great!! His heart is super healthy! This is great news. Now we just need to get Jeff excersizing. This isn't easy for him because he's always been so skinny. Maybe a little cardio will make him feel better.
He has also been working on a new project. He's very excited. We aren't saying much yet, but I can tell my closest freinds right???? He is making a canner prototype. A what??? A canner like we use to can out food storage. He is making his first one over Christmas. Now that Jeff works with all these over seas suppliers he has connections to access all the parts he needs to make them affordable to everyone. We are going to try to market these so every family can afford one. Wouldn't be nice to have one to use whenever something goes on sale, to buy a bunch and add to our food supply a little at a time. After we make our first and work out all the glitches we are going to start marketing them. Have no clue how to do this, but we will figure it out as we go.. They are going to be similar in size to the Kitchen aid mixer. There are several people here in Alabama that are so excited about this and wanting to be involved in some way, we just keep telling them- lets make the 1st one and see how it goes. We will need investors soon enough. Anyways we will keep you all posted about this project. I keep telling Jeff I will make the logo out of vinyl for the machines- he laughs at me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Older

I just had my 33rd Birthday Friday. I don't feel like I am getting older. I don't feel like I look alot older. BUT.... there are some changes occuring that I don't feel like have control over!!! First, my BODY!!! What is up with my body. It isn't doing anything I want it to do. I have always enjoyed workingout and staying in shape, but It doesn't seem like it helps as much as it used to.. My "ham-hocks" are determined to have a mind of there own and they have decided they are never going away!! Why do women have to battle the buldge so much. It is an exhausting game and never seems to end or get easier. So for now I will keep drinking my protien shakes,eating almonds, and running through neighborhoods for exersize (cause I am too cheap to go to the gym these days). Kind of boring i know. It not about variety, it's about lookin good in the mirror. Right??
Second, my kids. Are they getting bigger and I am staying the same. I sure hope O haven't changed as dramatically as they have over the past few years. Hannah is as tall as me. She can out smart me in a debate, and look so cute I am scared to send her out in the world. Carson will always be my little man. HE thinks I am wonderful 24-7. I think the Lord blessed me with him- to help me remember I am of worth. He makes me feel loved and adored. My sweet Carson!! It has been a gift to be a mom, now that I am thinking about it. Ella and Macie are still so sweet and loving. Definately not as sassy as their older sis.
Security and financial wellness. Does anyone have this right now?? I wonder... Jeff has a great job right now. They love him at work and he is valuable to them. The auto industry is so fickle right now. They just cut down over time which stinks cause that means less in our checks. We are just glad to have a job, but everything seems tight. Tight and uncertian.. Groceries are out of control expensive, co-pays are higher, water and electricity are going up. Sometimes even a good job isn't enough these days.
These are just my 33rd birthday thoughts. Just typing out loud. We will see what differs next year. This year I am just happy with my little family here in Alabama with nice house and good job. This moment is good. I am going to live it for all it's worth!!!!

Finally some Halloween Pictures!!

Our Halloween was full of school parties, church trick-or-trunks, and neighborhood jumping for candy!! We had a great Halloween.Ella dressed up as a SPA GIRL. She looked cute. She had her rode and slippers and her hair up in a towel with a facial mask cream on. She got a lot of fun comments.

Carson was a knight. HE didn't like his costume very much and kept taking it off. He also dressed up as a NINJA for Halloween night. That was a lot more comfy.

Macie wanted to be a dead witch. I don't know why . She kept getting her face paint on her hands and wiping it on her costume. By the end of the night she was a total mess, but still a cutie!

Hannah was a she-DEVIL. That's all I have to say. No, she is sweet. Just a little feisty sometimes. Too much fun. Way too much candy!!! That's what Halloween is all about right??? Thank goodness it's over. Now we just have to get Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way. We are looking forward to the holidays. My problem is that my kids don't need a bit of anything for Christmas. I don't know what to do for them....... any creative ideas, let me know???

Monday, October 27, 2008

CRAZY Hair!!

First thing First.... Callie don't be mad. Okay, I am here in Alabama. I don't know anyone, there is nothing to do, and I am tired of unpacking boxes. I am really bored and kind of lonely so I decided I needed a change to spice up my life a little. What change you ask. Can you tell by the pics? I went to walmart and picked up a box color and dyed my hair. I have never used a box color and didn't know what to expect( but that is what made it exciting). I couldn't decide lighter, darker, redder so I started talking to a girl who was also getting some color at Walmart and she thought I should go lighter, so I did. I don't know if I regret it yet. I don't know if I like it or not. It's not so far from the color I already was. It did make it a little more stawberry blonde. Macie thinks it looks yellow. I don't know if that is good or bad. Jeff is no help he just says it looks fine. Ella says she likes it. I don't want to look like a stripper or like I have fake hair. Tell me what you think. Should I try again. Quit being a cheapskate and get it done professionally. HELP!! YES or NO. Can you tell I am really really bored and confused!!!!

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