Monday, April 6, 2009

New Mrs. Scribbles Blog!!

I am so excited! I am starting a new blog to display my Vinyl creations. I will be posting pictures of what I have available for sale. I can do custom orders; so if you don't see what you want just e-mail me and we can create it! My prices are very competitive- ok I'll sat it- I'm Cheap, cheap, cheap! In todays world we don't have enough extra money to splurge too much on the things we want, so this is my solution. Check out my site and see what good deals I have for you!!! I have everything from school supplies with a personal touch to car decal or wall decor. You name it, you can put vinyl on it.


Kiwi Arts said...

Very cool Em - I am following, so keep us posted on Mrs. Scribbles - Love the name too! I am your first follow - tee hee :-) BTW - Are you going to go ahead and start and Etsy shop too? You should! Put links to your blog on your Etsy shop as well. Have them link to each other. Look at my blog, and see how they link together.
Love ya

Becca said...

I tried to look on the site and I couldn't. Do I have to subscribe?

Ash said...

Congrats on starting a business! Did you get pointers from JaCoy! You'll be great at it!

Coopers said...

How's the business going so far? I think you will do GREAT!

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