Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ella's Baptism day!

Today was such a great day. Ella had her baptism today. It was so special. Cousin Terah came and visit gave a sweet talk on Baptism. Hannah and MAcie sang a beautiful song and Hannah spoke on Comformation. Jeff did a great job on the baptism and conformation. All of Ella's new friends stayed to support her. SHeis growing up so fast. My sweet little Elle Belle. We love you so much. We are also so proud of you.


The White Family said...

Congratulations Ella! How exciting, I wish we could be there.

The Wilson Family said...

Ella you look so beautiful. What a special day. I wish we could have been there for your baptism. Anne was so happy for you but she misses you too.

Cassie said...

That's so great! She looked absolutely beautiful. What an exciting day! Where did you get her dress?

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