Sunday, January 11, 2009

Detox???? What the heck????

I have decided I am going to start the new year off doing a detox. I am now 5 days into it. I really didn't know much about a detox or cleanse. This will be my first time to try this type of thing. WHy? you ask. Well, I heard they are very beneficial to your overall health. It can help jumpstart your metabolism, help eliminate yucky toxins from your insides- which help you feel better, and loose some weight. The key to this detox thing is the food you eat. you have to drink 8 glasses of lemon water or tea a day. YOu can only eat foods that are RAW. That means fruits, vegies, and grains that don't have anything added to them. I can add lemon juice, herbs, vinegar and olive oil(very sparingly). These 5 days I have really been sticking with it and staying focused. I always thought I ate pretty healthy. This compared to what I eat now, I ate horrible. I definately feel like I have gone back to basics. I ate a cucumber the other day and it tasted so good. It didn't have anything on it- no dressing, vinegar or salt to spice it up. I am really noticing how yummy food tastes without all the "stuff" on it. An if anyone know me- I like "STUFF". The more yummy stuff on my food the better. It has been kind of nice to taste food by itself and not mixed with a ton of other flavors.
I will admit I have been craving sweets and treats and yummy dinners that I cook for my family every night. I makes my mouth water to smell pizza, popcorn, and roast cooking and I can't have any. But this detox only mast of 10 day. I am half way there. Then I go back to eating what I love. EVERYTHING! Just kidding. I am hoping by doing this I can keep up some of these good eating habits. Keep the fiber food high on my menu each day and lots & lots of water.
If any one has any words of advice or encouragement let me know. So far no one I have talked to has done a detox.
So far so good. 5 days down and 5 to go. I'll keep you all posted.


Becca said...

that would be SO hard, good luck

Terah said...

I don't know how you are doing it, but congradulations on your will power. I just went to the gym and did group power. I feel great! Only 4 more days and you can eat what ever you want. If I were you, I would got to that great hamburger joint you took me to!

J-TAWG Blog said...

Hey Em!
Long time no see! Did you get my Christmas card? Cute blog you have. Good luck on your detox. You are a champ for sticking with it for so long!

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